Playout! Playout!

PR - Communication

Playout! is a full-blown communication agency for the fashion, music and lifestyle industry – supplying customary PR and creative marketing services, development consultancy, creative solutions and striking events. We make sure our clients’ message gets across, in both an efficient and cost-effective way, through well-known channels and with the help of new technologies.  

Our customary PR services include public and media relations (print, online, radio, TV), social media and community management, blogger seeding and collaborations, casting brand ambassadors and organizing press days. Of course, these all come with detailed reports and analyses. 

What sets Playout! apart from more traditional PR agencies is our experience and even roots in talent management. Establishing and safeguarding someone’s image and public persona has part of our DNA since the beginning, and by building longstanding relationships with companies and brands, we wish to achieve for them what we have achieved for our creative talents. Bringing the same level of personal commitment and inventiveness to the table, and making sure a brand or product is not just in the public’s eye but truly top of mind.

An overview of our services:

Consulting & Strategy

We understand the need for instant gratification and achieving short-term goals, but we also feel strongly about developing long-term strategies, as we have been doing in the music industry for two decades. It’s relatively easy to score a hit, and get some quick cash. It’s damn hard building a career, and reaping the profits of years of work. Yet that is what we do, through collaboration, setting measurable targets and looking at the big picture. Based on experience, but also by consulting the market and our own extensive network of both creative talents and brands – a network we share with all our clients.  

Customised Events

Technically speaking, Playout! is not an event agency, but we do see events as invaluable part of a brand’s communication plan, and we love organizing them! Shop openings, fashion shows, concerts, international sales meetings and/or truly exclusive and unique experiences, we set these up for our clients on a regular basis. As always, we believe in a personalized and original approach, which improves on the communication strategy and highlights our clients’ values. 

Music & Event PR

Playout! also offers customary PR services to artists who are not on our management roster: radio & TV plugging, print & online media support, the works! Additionally, we are able to look for opportunities within our (local) network, taking someone’s (global) strategy into consideration. We are, however, selective about the artists or projects we promote – given our personal approach, and with respect to our clients’ desires.

Benelux Treatment

The international structure of some of our clients made us look into both the Dutch and Luxemburg market as well. Through several strategic partnerships, we are now able to give artists and brands the full ‘Benelux treatment’.

Local network

While Brussels, Antwerp, Liège and Ghent could be considered the beating – you can never have enough – hearts of Belgium, our network stretches a lot further. From the beginning, we have invested in local partnerships and contacts in pretty every city in both the north (Flanders) and the south (Wallonia) of Belgium – so to keep track of what’s happening in our market. 

International Network

Over the years, Playout! has established working relationships with key innovators in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid and Tokyo – making sure our clients are able to tap into a global network of creativity and commerce. Recently, we have also formed a strategic alliance with The Image, the New York talent agency of long-time Playout! client Hannelore Knuts and founder Wayne Sterling. As sister companies, we will not just share knowledge and contacts, we will also give each other’s clients the opportunity to tap into different networks and uncover the American or European market.

Talent Pool & Content Creation

Talent is key, and we like to unlock some of that talent for the brands we work with. Maybe you’re looking for remarkable individuals to serve as an ambassador to your product? You wish to collaborate with both renowned and creative people? Looking for a photographer or graphic designer for a new campaign? A musician? A painter? A genuinely interesting personality? Talk to us, and we’ll talk to them. And please note that our creative network extends beyond the artists on our roster.